A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Simulate black holes, particle clouds, create stars, then make them grow until they explode in a supernova.

Work in progress! (Prototype version v0.9.1.6)

In NovaForge, you are a god-like being who is creating the Universe and everything in it, just after the Big Bang.  You have the power to create space warps (black holes), which pull in and absorb the particles around them.  As the space warps absorb particles, they grow, and when they grow big enough, they turn into Stars.  

Then, when they get even bigger....

*** Recent Improvements: ***

  • New Visual FX
    • Star particle effects using Unity VFX Graph
    • Space Warp shader effect
  • Better controls!
    • Gamepad support
    • Uses the new Unity input system
  • Each particle is an element (Hydrogen, Helium, etc)
  • Improved UI functionality
    • Scrapped the Unity UIBuilder and replaced with standard Unity UI

Controls (Keyboard & Mouse):

  • Move around = WASD
  • Move up = R
  • Move down = C
  • Move fast = Hold Shift
  • Pan camera = Hold right click and move mouse
  • Deploy space warp = Spacebar
  • Pause / options menu = Esc
  • Menu Navigation = Arrow Keys or Mouse
  • Menu Select = Enter or Left Mouse Click
  • Adjust Sim Speed:
    • + = increase sim speed 0.5
    • - = decrease sim speed 0.5

Controls (Gamepad):

  • Move around = Left analog stick
  • Move up = Left trigger
  • Move down = Right trigger
  • Move fast = Hold left thumb button down
  • Pan camera = Right analog stick
  • Deploy space warp = Button-south (A on xbox controller)
  • Pause / options menu = Pause button
  • Adjust Sim Speed:
    • D-pad Up = increase sim speed 0.5
    • D-pad Down = decrease sim speed 0.5

Improvements planned:

  • In game HUD
  • Start game with only Hydrogen & Helium clouds, unlock new elements over time
  • Supernovas create new elements
  • Better UI
  • Levels with objectives
  • Tutorials
  • Achievements
  • and more...
    • iOS / Android?
    • VR Support?
    • Sandbox mode?

Install instructions

Download and extract zip file, then run NovaForge.

MacOS Security Warning:

On recent versions of MacOS, you may get a security warning pop up (very common with indie Unity games).  To get past it:

  • Hold control and click the NovaForge program
  • Select Open
  • The MacOS warning will pop up and then you just click Open again.  
  • Note - You only have to do this one time, afterwards, the game will open normally.  


novaforge-win.zip 39 MB
Version Jul 30, 2020
novaforge-mac.zip 40 MB
Version Jul 30, 2020

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